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Fantasy Fragrance

Frida Kahlo EDT Limited Edition Engraved Bottle

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July is an important month to pay homage to Frida Kahlo because it commemorates her birth and death anniversaries, offering an opportunity to celebrate her artistic legacy, reflect on her life's journey, and appreciate her global impact on art and culture. By honoring her in July, people can reflect on the significance of her artistic vision, her exploration of identity, and how she used her art to communicate deeply personal experiences.

That is why we created this collection piece: THE LIMITED-EDITION EXCLUSIVE ENGRAVED BOTTLE, which has one of her most popular quotes. This edition will be available only for July until supplies last. We have a few units with the quote in English or Spanish.

Customer Reviews

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Smells beautiful! Love it so much!

Maricela Mendoza

Frida Kahlo EDT Limited Edition Engraved Bottle

Vanessa Pfaff
The best

It is the best perfum I have had. Amazing smell the bottle is so fancy and cool 😎. I loved it a lot when you guys are going to create more like this soon please